Doing Good While Earning A Living

Lois and Richard Nicotra, the philanthropists I proudly represent, donated $1.6 Million to open their COMMONS café, a quick service eatery where they give 100% of their profits away to our Staten Island community. They’ve gifted $800,000 so far – and they are just getting started. The Nicotras are opening a second social enterprise eateryContinue reading “Doing Good While Earning A Living”

Episode 44: Kristine Garlisi & COMMONS café

That’s what life’s about: feeding people, making them feel good and making them proud of their community. The COMMONS café is a quick service social enterprise eatery located in Staten Island, New York, whose motto is: “Eat Good. Do Good.” Established by the Nicotra family, the restaurant is fulfilling that motto through its local dishesContinue reading “Episode 44: Kristine Garlisi & COMMONS café”

Episode 43: Britnie Turner of Aerial

Real estate development can spur action, to where people can have hope in hopeless places. Britnie Turner never planned to go into business. At a young age, she committed her life to wiping out poverty at its roots and to providing hope in places and cultures where abuse and neglect are common place. At 21,Continue reading “Episode 43: Britnie Turner of Aerial”

Episode 41: Kate Holby of Ajiri Tea

Ajiri Tea has a social mission to create employment for women in western Kenya, and to provide education for Kenyan orphans – all through the sale of tea. In 2008, Kate Holby went to visit her sister, Sarah Holby, who had been volunteering in western Kenya distributing food and medicine to members of the community.Continue reading “Episode 41: Kate Holby of Ajiri Tea”