Episode 46: Sonny Jelinek of Jelinek Cork Group

“Sit down and think: ‘What can I do to make sure my business is still here in 100 years and has made a difference in the world?’ Then reverse engineer that process to today.” When customers enter Jelinek Cork Group’s (JCG) retail store, many share their cork experiences – from crafting with wine corks toContinue reading “Episode 46: Sonny Jelinek of Jelinek Cork Group”

Episode 45: Alyssa Norwalk of Plenty Lifestyle

I had an idea and a vision, and through purpose and passion it evolved into something that I didn’t imagine. Alyssa Norwalk’s passion lies in the retail industry. After working at a women’s clothing store owned by her mother as a manager and buyer for many years, Alyssa began to form a vision for aContinue reading “Episode 45: Alyssa Norwalk of Plenty Lifestyle”

Episode 44: Kristine Garlisi & COMMONS café

That’s what life’s about: feeding people, making them feel good and making them proud of their community. The COMMONS café is a quick service social enterprise eatery located in Staten Island, New York, whose motto is: “Eat Good. Do Good.” Established by the Nicotra family, the restaurant is fulfilling that motto through its local dishesContinue reading “Episode 44: Kristine Garlisi & COMMONS café”