Episode 45: Alyssa Norwalk of Plenty Lifestyle

I had an idea and a vision, and through purpose and passion it evolved into something that I didn’t imagine. Alyssa Norwalk’s passion lies in the retail industry. After working at a women’s clothing store owned by her mother as a manager and buyer for many years, Alyssa began to form a vision for aContinue reading “Episode 45: Alyssa Norwalk of Plenty Lifestyle”

Episode 44: Kristine Garlisi & COMMONS café

That’s what life’s about: feeding people, making them feel good and making them proud of their community. The COMMONS café is a quick service social enterprise eatery located in Staten Island, New York, whose motto is: “Eat Good. Do Good.” Established by the Nicotra family, the restaurant is fulfilling that motto through its local dishesContinue reading “Episode 44: Kristine Garlisi & COMMONS café”

Episode 43: Britnie Turner of Aerial

Real estate development can spur action, to where people can have hope in hopeless places. Britnie Turner never planned to go into business. At a young age, she committed her life to wiping out poverty at its roots and to providing hope in places and cultures where abuse and neglect are common place. At 21,Continue reading “Episode 43: Britnie Turner of Aerial”

Episode 42: Elena Terán & Leif Fairfield of Ingage

Ingage Partners is finding a way to combine technical skills with something more – like a passion or a purpose. Ingage Partners and Thrive Impact used to co-exist as sister organizations, but after making the decision to combine resources, have been known as one of Cincinnati’s Fast 55 Best Places to Work Since 2011. TheyContinue reading “Episode 42: Elena Terán & Leif Fairfield of Ingage”

Episode 41: Kate Holby of Ajiri Tea

Ajiri Tea has a social mission to create employment for women in western Kenya, and to provide education for Kenyan orphans – all through the sale of tea. In 2008, Kate Holby went to visit her sister, Sarah Holby, who had been volunteering in western Kenya distributing food and medicine to members of the community.Continue reading “Episode 41: Kate Holby of Ajiri Tea”

Episode 40: Bill Humphrey of The Rainforest Inn

We have taken almost every conceivable step towards making The Rainforest Inn a place that costs the Earth very little. Bill and Renée Humphrey combined their dreams to live in the El Yunque Rainforest and to manage a boutique hotel after purchasing a small hurricane-ravaged property in 1997. Hoping to one day share the naturalContinue reading “Episode 40: Bill Humphrey of The Rainforest Inn”

Episode 39: Curt Vander Meer of Endangered Species Chocolate

Whatever brings you joy in business, write it down, and practice that mission each and every day.  Curt Vander Meer, CEO of Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC), is the leader behind the financial success of the company, but also the driving force behind their mission-oriented approach. ESC has donated a total of $5.5 million to non-profitsContinue reading “Episode 39: Curt Vander Meer of Endangered Species Chocolate”

Episode 37: Nell Derick Debevoise of Inspiring Capital

It doesn’t have to be all-inclusive, all-encompassing, perfect or cutting edge from the beginning, but you have to start somewhere.   Step 1: discover your personal drive Step 2: uncover your professional capabilities Step 3: contribute to an organization that integrates profit with building a thriving community Step 4: that community provides you and all ofContinue reading “Episode 37: Nell Derick Debevoise of Inspiring Capital”

Episode 36: Donna Miller of Purse Power

Women have the power – the purchasing power they need to drive impactful change.  It is a well known fact that women own a significant portion of the economy’s purchasing power. Donna Miller created Purse Power so women could easily find and support the organizations that support them. Purse Power is a women-owned, women-led organization, committedContinue reading “Episode 36: Donna Miller of Purse Power”

Episode 35: Pamela Cone of Milliman

Many organizations run into issues measuring the impact of CSR. They do all the right things, but fail to measure their efforts. That’s where Pamela Cone steps in. Milliman is one of the world’s largest providers of actuarial and related products and services. As the VP of Global Social Responsibility, Pam enacts programs that drawContinue reading “Episode 35: Pamela Cone of Milliman”

Episode 34: Katie Shultz of Impact Hub Boston

Impact Hub is the world’s largest network focused on building entrepreneurial communities. Katie Shultz, Director of Impact Hub Boston joins us to talk about her passion for helping social entrepreneurs make an impact with their businesses.  With more than 100 locations worldwide, Impact Hub offers community workspaces, start-up support and events to over 15,000 members. ImpactContinue reading “Episode 34: Katie Shultz of Impact Hub Boston”

Episode 32: Kent Kramer of Goodwill

Goodwill works to remove barriers to healthcare, education and employment that many people face around the country.  Most people know Goodwill as a retail store but they do so much more than that. With over 20 years of experience with the company, Kent Kramer has witnessed first hand the benefits and opportunities that Goodwill providesContinue reading “Episode 32: Kent Kramer of Goodwill”