TerraCarbon is a leading advisory firm that develops and sells carbon offsets to fund forest and wetland conservation around the world.  They believe that innovative approaches that place a value on nature and provide incentives for conservation are critical to addressing climate change, improving the availability and quality of freshwater, protecting biodiversity, and alleviating poverty.

Scott Settelmyer, the former CFO of the Chicago Climate Exchange, formed TerraCarbon in 2006 after he recognized the complexities of emerging carbon markets and the need for specialized expertise to help conservation projects gain access to this new source of funding. Scott does this by designing carbon project financing strategies for conservation activities, developing marketing and sales strategies for carbon offsets, building models to value climate and ecosystem services, and developing partnerships between companies and non-profits to fund conservation and build sustainable brands.

His current work includes offset sales advisory work for projects that are protecting rainforests in Chile, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia. He is also advising clients on the development of various voluntary and compliance market projects that are saving and restoring forests and wetlands, including a peatland restoration project in North Carolina, marsh restoration projects in the Northeast US, and a mangrove restoration project in Florida.

TerraCarbon was recently recognized as a B Corporation-certified “Best for the World” honoree in the “Best for the Environment” category. TerraCarbon was first accredited as a Certified B Corporation in 2012, joining a new breed of companies using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

TerraCarbon earned a score in the top 10% of more than 2,200 Certified B Corporations on its B Impact Assessment with respect to its environmental impact, helping its clients develop and sell carbon offsets to finance more than 30 projects that are conserving 5,000,000 acres of forests and wetlands around the world.

Listen in as Kathy and Vicki talk to Scott about TerraCarbon’s work with some of the world’s leading conservation organizations, forward-thinking companies, and pioneering social enterprises.