Episode 67: Jillian Ashton of Indiana Canine Assistant Network

Jillian Ashton and ICAN are taking the saying “man’s best friend” to the next level. Listen in to this week’s episode to find out how ICAN is using service dogs to connect two groups in need: those living with disabilities and incarcerated adults.

The Ripple Effect of Engagement for Social Responsibility

Last week’s guest, Ali Cudby, shares how capitalizing on small opportunities can create a ripple effect that not only builds positive relationships with your customers and employees, but also leads to better business.

Episode 66: Ali Cudby of Your Iconic Brand

Ali Cudby’s journey to becoming a customer retention expert started with a transformational bra fitting and ended with her becoming CEO of Your Iconic Brand. Join Vicki and Kathy this week as they find out what all happened in between, and how to grow loyalty for your business both internally and externally.

What Can Your Company Do With the Opportunity to Invest and Volunteer?

Our last guest, Ashley Haynes of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, shares more about the nonprofit’s Custom Day of Service programming and how KIB is using this service to benefit their corporate partners and the surrounding community.

Episode 65: Ashley Haynes of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. and Carole Puls of Roche

From the outside, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, a local nonprofit, and Roche, a multinational healthcare company, seem like polar opposites. Listen in to this week’s episode to find out how their decade-long partnership perfectly demonstrates the impact a well-designed CSR program can have.

Standing Up for the Little Guy in CSR

Last week’s guest, John Pilmer, APR, of PilmerPR, shares more about the importance of the benefit corporation designation and why his involvement in passing benefit LLC legislation in Utah helped expand the overall CSR movement and leveled the playing field.

Episode 64: John Pilmer of PilmerPR

John Pilmer, APR, of PilmerPR, played an integral role in passing legislation that expanded Utah’s benefit designation to include LLCs. Join Vicki and Kathy this week to hear more about John’s inspiring story and passion for CSR.

Episode 63: Patricia Glaser Shea of Givful

Patricia Glaser Shea spent 17 years in corporate America and 17 more in nonprofit leadership. Now, she’s ending her career as an entrepreneur that serves both sectors through her new high-tech service startup, Givful. Listen in to join Vicki and Kathy as they find out why.