Episode 30: Michelle Stevens of The Refill Shoppe

"The simple thought turned into a vision of a place where you could get just what you need without anything that you don't." Michelle Stevens is the founder of The Refill Shoppe, an eco-conscious store challenging the standards of consumerism by offering quality bath, body, home and cleaning liquids in bulk. The Refill Shoppe refills customers' … Continue reading Episode 30: Michelle Stevens of The Refill Shoppe

What the World Needs Now: More “Conscious” Companies

The Financial Times defines Corporate Social Responsibility as “a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, environmental and social benefits for all stakeholders.” Yes, CSR ought to be a critical component to an organization's operating ethos, its values, and its purpose. Every organization should be 'doing' CSR. Many are doing it exquisitely well. But … Continue reading What the World Needs Now: More “Conscious” Companies

Communicating Your CSR Program: The Role of Marketing and PR

Once seen as a peripheral to a company’s main business strategy, corporate social responsibility is now becoming standard practice. But, unless CSR intentions and outcomes are communicated wisely, a company risks being accused of “spinning” or appearing to be self-promotional. There are many ways for a company to integrate a social impact program into their … Continue reading Communicating Your CSR Program: The Role of Marketing and PR

Corporate Social Responsibility: Expectations vs. Reality:

Like any other business endeavor, companies that set out to either establish or expand their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program have a number of common expectations. Having interviewed dozens of companies, though, it seems that the reality is often drastically different than these expectations. Here are some common misconceptions that we have learned from past … Continue reading Corporate Social Responsibility: Expectations vs. Reality:

Santiago Jaramilo Emplify

Episode 29: Santiago Jaramillo of Emplify

In 2013, Santiago was named to Inc. magazine’s “30 Under 30” list and was also invited to the White House for recognition of his entrepreneurial contributions through the Champions of Change program. As the Founder and CEO of Emplify, Santiago Jaramillo leads a team of engagement experts in their mission to unlock human potential by … Continue reading Episode 29: Santiago Jaramillo of Emplify

Bullhorn Creative Brad Flowers

Episode 28: Brad Flowers of Bullhorn Creative

As much as Bullhorn Creative strives to make cool stuff, they are just as interested in being a better, responsible company According to Bullhorn Creative, a brand’s challenges are vital opportunities to rethink, rewire, and refresh. But for Bullhorn Creative, work isn’t just about the end product. It’s about how you do it. In 2008, friends and … Continue reading Episode 28: Brad Flowers of Bullhorn Creative

Episode 27: Josh Driver of Selfless.ly

Selfless.ly is firmly committed to creating an accessible, welcoming, inclusive, and respectful environment. Selfless.ly’s online platform connects corporations, their employees, and non-profits to help people do good more easily, efficiently, and effectively. Using Selfless.ly, businesses of all sizes can create, maintain, and track a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, while nonprofit organizations can post volunteer … Continue reading Episode 27: Josh Driver of Selfless.ly

Episode 26: Elizabeth Maora of Elizabeth Maora, LLC

Supporting local and giving back to the community is present in every aspect of Elizabeth Maora, LLC. Not only does the company feature predominantly local products in their rental homes that they both trust and enjoy - from Tinker Coffee to Easley Wines - but a percentage of the profits from Elizabeth Maora, LLC goes to Exquisitely Engineered to fund the housing assistance program designed to get community members back on their feet so they can give back to society.

Episode 25: Dr. Margie Crooks and Fred Yeakey of Providence Cristo Rey High School

At Providence Cristo Rey High School, through a college and career preparatory curriculum and the integration of work experience in a professional setting, motivated students strive to reach their highest potential and become faith-filled, socially responsible women and men who will take the lead in creating a more just society.

Episode 24: Marsha Putt and Brooke Bell of Tom Wood Lexus

Launched in May 2016, Tom Wood's Lexus Plus Program offers greater transparency to customers and allows the car buying process to be less stressful and more enjoyable, placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction throughout the entire car-buying process.

Cynthia Pizzaro CSpring Consulting

Episode 23: Cynthia Pizarro of CSpring Consulting

Cynthia Pizarro, President of CSpring, is determined to use Corporate Responsibility to place emphasis on the company's core values. In her role, Cynthia is responsible for aligning CSpring’s goals and business operations with the firm’s vision and growth strategy. In addition to business strategy, Cynthia is actively involved in managing key accounts and community development initiatives inside and outside of CSpring. 

Vicki Bohlsen of Bohlsen Group and Taking Care In Business

Episode 22: Vicki Bohlsen of Bohlsen Group

Vicki Bohlsen is the founder and president of Bohlsen Group, an Indianapolis-based communications firm. Bohlsen Group executes “unified marketing for good” for clients across the country that share their values and mission, creating and implementing marketing and publicity applications for corporations, nonprofit organizations, entertainer, and events.