UPDATE: Since the taping of this episode, Fit4Life NYC was acquired by Kids in the Game LLC (KING), a sports-based youth development organization focused on school programming, summer camps, and youth travel teams. Together, the organizations serve over 20,000 NYC youth annually across 50+ schools across Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.

Fit 4 Life NYC identified a community need in 2003. With New York city schools cutting back on recess and physical education classes, students were left without opportunities to be active and healthy. In addition, active play, character development, and healthy competition were starting to become less of a focus in most communities, school day and after school physical activity programs. 

To address these challenges the Fit 4 Life NYC Play with a Purpose program model was created. This model for traditional and non-traditional sports, dance, fitness and movement-based programs focuses on boosting a youth and adult’s self-confidence, maximizes the amount of time one moves, minimizes competition, encourages sportsmanship and promotes a lifetime of activity. 

Today, Fit 4 Life NYC proudly partners with schools, community and nonprofit organizations throughout the city’s boroughs that work with under-served communities. They focus on improving the lives of youth and adults living within these communities. 

Maurelhena Walles has over twenty years of research, development and implementation experience in the areas of instructional and program design, communication and education. During her professional career, she has provided technical assistance in the areas of strategic and business planning, communication management and marketing. 

Additionally, health and fitness has always been a part of her life.  As an athlete, she continues to compete in track and field in national and international competitions.  She holds certifications in personal training and exercise and program design for youth and special populations-including people with compromised immune systems, high blood pressure, diabetics and substance abusers. By using her expertise in instructional design, she is able to meticulously design health and fitness programs that address the needs of the Fit 4 Life NYC clients. 

Listen in as Maurelhena discusses how this B Corp certified company teaches, creates and empowers communities naming Fit 4 Life NYC a Best for NYC Honoree in 2015.