The mission of The Patachou Foundation is simple: to prepare and serve healthy meals to Indianapolis-area children impacted by homelessness and hunger and increase their awareness, connection and excitement about the food they are eating.

Supported by individual donors, granting organizations, corporate sponsors and the Public Greens restaurant, the Foundation recognizes it takes more than just feeding bodies to change food insecurity; rather, it takes a holistic approach. Through their meal services and hands-on educational programming, they aim to combat food insecurity at its core to break the cycle of hunger in the Indianapolis community.

The Patachou Foundation uses the unique resources and background of its ten Indianapolis restaurants along with individual supporters and volunteers to make the biggest impact with the tools available. An icon in Indianapolis, the Patachou restaurants are beloved by so many and credited for helping start a foodie craze in Indianapolis.

Matthew Feltrop, Executive Director of The Patachou Foundation, will share the vision for the organization’s strategic growth plans, which include:

  • Making a measured effect on hunger in the Indianapolis community by reaching 1,000 individual students annually through geographic expansion
  • Increasing its volunteer base to 150 actively-engaged volunteers each month at every level of the organization
  • Expanding fundraising support for its growing impact in the community through diversified sources

Matthew is passionate about the work that he does and no day is ordinary. He is responsible for developing a healthy and socially responsible volunteer program; strategically building the foundation’s capacity to reach program goals; obtaining funding to further the organization’s mission; overseeing the implementation of marketing strategies to inform and engage the community; growing healthy relationships with employees, partner organizations, businesses and board members; and tracking and evaluating fundraising and programmatic growth.

Listen in as Matthew explains how The Patachou Foundation was born out of the ever-popular Patachou, Inc. restaurant empire and uses their biggest asset to change people’s lives.