Founded in the digital age, American College of Education (ACE) delivers affordable, online graduate degree programs and professional development programs for educators across the United States.

While already offering innovative programming, it’s ACE’s recent commitment to social responsibility that truly positions the college at the forefront of online education. Through its commitment to innovation and fiscal responsibility, ACE is helping to make higher education accessible, affordable, and highly responsive to the needs of working professionals in a modern world.

In 2016, ACE decided to take its commitment to social and fiscal responsibility one step further by becoming the first and only Certified B Corporation and Benefit Corporation in the state of Indiana. B Corp is a movement to redefine success in business as companies who aren’t just the best in the world, but the best for the world. This designation is perfect for ACE, cementing the idea that they’re focused on the success of their students, and not just their own bottom line.

KK Byland, HR Director and Benefits Officer at American College of Education, was responsible for leading an internal team at ACE that created the current iteration of their CSR program, helping to drive the college forward in receiving their B Corp certification.

Listen in as KK details what sets ACE apart and how CSR influences the strategic decisions of the college.


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