Guest Blog – Steven Downey of Harmony Fuels

While businesses are often called to task for playing a large role in the degradation of the planet’s ecosystem, it is this same business community that today has real power to drive effective and responsible progress on climate change. We simply cannot wait for sweeping system changes and government reforms, especially since federal-level climate commitments can be undone by an election.

Fifty-six percent of Americans think climate change needs to be addressed right now, and 66 percent say they have a personal responsibility to do something about climate change. While individuals must focus on what they can personally control and hold themselves accountable to reduce their own carbon footprints, doing so has proven to be a challenge. Nearly half of Americans say that convenience, lack of awareness and availability are top obstacles to living sustainability.

Businesses can empower motivated consumers with viable opportunities to reduce their carbon footprints, which is what inspired the creation of Harmony Fuels, the first carbon-neutral heating fuel company in the United States. Harmony Fuels, which is a new division of 90-year-old Shipley Energy serving customers from Maryland to Maine, enables consumers to conveniently invest in carbon offsets when purchasing heating oil or propane to heat their homes.

Carbon offsetting compensates for the carbon-dioxide pollution we produce by preventing the same amount of pollution from being created somewhere else. This funding of certified green energy projects mitigates fossil fuel consumption, reduces the impact of fossil fuels on the environment, increases investment in the production of additional carbon-neutral energy sources and leads to cleaner air and overall lower carbon emissions.

By offering customers the opportunity to invest in carbon offsets, businesses can help consumers be part of an incremental, positive step in addressing climate change. For example, if homes that use propane or oil for heat throughout the Northeast purchased carbon offsets along with their fuel deliveries this winter, it would fund new and existing green energy projects equivalent to taking 4.5 million cars off the road.

While there is no silver bullet to curbing global GHG emissions, our society cannot afford to sacrifice progress in the name of chasing elusive perfection. Rather, the climate crisis will be addressed with thousands of different solutions that are market-driven and funded by consumer spending.

Instead of putting the entire burden of mitigating climate change on governments, we must truly take personal responsibility, put our money toward sustainability and exercise our influence, then we will unleash the power of business on the climate crisis. When we vote with our wallets, customers and businesses will demand and create change.

After all, we do not need a few people living perfectly sustainable lives. We need everyone making imperfect efforts to mitigate climate change. Progress will be made when businesses and individuals collectively and consistently move toward sustainability.

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