“Getting people to understand that there are things in trash that have capacity and ability to have more life and create jobs and help save the environment as well, that is our job.” -Allyson Mitchell 

The state of Indiana has a recycling rate of about 20%, compared to the national average of 35%. Allyson Mitchell and the Indiana Recycling Coalition are passionate about increasing Hoosiers’ awareness of and access to recycling. As the executive director of Indiana Recycling Coalition, Allyson works to educate Indiana on the value and impact of waste reduction, reuse, composting and recycling activities on both the planet and the economy. Tune in to learn how you can responsibly reduce, reuse and recycle to make a difference every day.

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Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

This week’s #TakingCareinCommunity feature is the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. IPA is a nonprofit member association of and for Indiana’s grant-making community, representing philanthropic organizations, companies and individuals from all 92 Indiana counties. Hear more about IPA and its meaningful work at the end of our most recent episode!

Thank you for taking care in your community, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance.

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