“Marketing and storytelling that align with an audience create opportunities for sponsors to engage and help speak into and share that story. 87% of consumers purchase products from a company because that company advocates for an issue that they care about.” -Ken Ungar 

Ken Ungar, president and founder of CHARGE, a sponsorship marketing agency, is the go-to guy for all things sponsorship. CHARGE helps brands solve marketing challenges through effective sponsorship relations. Ken discusses the power of sponsorship and how companies and nonprofits strive to align themselves as a force for good. Tune in to find out how sponsorship can be linked to CSR and how the industry is evolving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Martha Piercefield 

This week’s #TakingCareinCommunity feature is Martha Piercefield. Not only does Martha do incredible work at Riley Children’s Hospital, she also runs a dog rescue in the Indianapolis area, Chihuahua Rescue Indiana, Inc. Martha works tirelessly to save dogs all around the country and believes in “no dog left behind”. To hear more about Martha Piercefield and her mission to rescue dogs in need, tune in to the end of our most recent episode!

Thank you for taking care in your community, Martha Piercefield!

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