“It’s not all about making money – it’s about doing something good and paying it forward.”
– Brian Tomlinson

This week, we’re *NOT* talking about freezing bodies. Vicki and Kathy are joined by Brian Tomlinson of Circle City Cryogenics to discuss how CCC’s services are saving its clients millions of dollars and how the company started providing an unconventional yet invaluable service to cancer patients. Topics of discussion include: How CCC has adjusted to the Shelter-in-Place Order; CCC’s essential business operations for the government and military; The amazing money-saving power of cryogenics; How Brian got into the cryogenics business; The freezing process and necessary equipment; How long it’s been since Brian had to change a lightbulb in his house; Extending the life of everything from manufacturing equipment to regular household items; The U.S.’ cryogenics community; Why Brian first began helping cancer patients; Misconceptions about cryogenics; Cryogenics vs. Cryonics; Brian’s advice on how to use business for good; and an exclusive offer for TCIB listeners!

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Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
The American Cancer Society

COVID-19 is enough to worry about – let alone a cancer diagnosis during these uncertain times. This week, we featured The American Cancer Society and its continued efforts to support cancer patients and their families despite the pandemic. Listen to the end of this episode to find out more about the incredible ways ACS is still providing support and resources during COVID-19.

Thank you for taking care in your community, ACS!

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