“It’s the idea of developing the whole person, not just what someone brings to work every day.”
– Stevie Cromer

Maintaining employee morale is more important now than ever. This week, Vicki and Kathy speak with Stevie Cromer, the cultural and enrichment manager at LUNA Language Services. Topics of discussion include LUNA Language’s global presence; COVID-19’s impact on LUNA’s services; Maintaining a close-knit culture as a company grows; Using office space to create a positive culture; Staff enrichment programs; How to boost morale during quarantine; Maintaining openness and transparency during COVID-19; Supporting employees’ mental health; and Stevie’s advice on how to create a work-life balance and remain productive during the quarantine.

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Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Jill Allen and all of our Healthcare Heroes

When her father underwent open-heart surgery during the COVID-19 outbreak, Jill Allen realized just how selfless and heroic our healthcare workers are. Unable to say thank you in person, she instead set up a small fundraiser with the goal of raising $400 to treat the staff who had saved her father’s life.

Today, Jill has raised over $5,000 towards sending care packages and thank yous to those working on the front lines.

Thank you for taking care in your community, Jill!

Taking Care in Community is brought to you by The National Bank of Indianapolis