“Business needs to take the mantel in creating genuine social connections between employees.”
– Adam Vandoski

This week, Vicki and Kathy talk with Adam Vandoski, the founder of Vine Society – an organization that provides unforgettable shared experiences with food and wine to companies and individuals. Topics of discussion include: How COVID-19 is impacting the food, drink and events industries; Adapting a business model to shelter-in-place guidelines; Vine Society’s inclusive membership policy; Providing companies with unique and effective employee gatherings; Jeffersonian dinners; The impact Vine Society gatherings have on employee engagement; The loneliness epidemic; The importance of sharing vulnerability and forging relationships; COVID-19’s impact on human connection; Vine Society’s efforts to feed those in need during the pandemic; And Adam’s advice on how to use business for good.

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Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
The Patachou Foundation

The Patachou Foundation prepares and serves healthy meals to children impacted by poverty and hunger and increases their awareness, connection, and excitement about food. In addition to serving 2,000 after-school meals at eight Indianapolis schools each week, Patachou Foundation volunteers take time to pull up a chair and create positive relationships around the dinner table.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the foundation has shifted gears and is now delivering wholesome, reheatable meals to families in need. During this crisis, the Patachou Foundation’s reach has grown to touch more families and communities than ever before.

Thank you for taking care in your community, Patachou Foundation!

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