“I was looking for – and found – a way to have a significant impact on someone’s life by funding a surgery so that blind people can see again.”
– Mark Agnew

This week, Vicki and Kathy talk with Mark Agnew, founder of Eyeglasses.com and PiWear, a brand designed to transform the conscious eyewear industry. Topics of discussion include: The tragic incident that Agnew turned into a passion for the eyewear industry; Why Eyeglasses.com was founded; PiWear’s buy-one, give-one model; Why Agnew chose the Sankara Foundation; PiWear’s products; The energizing effect CSR has on employees; Consumers’ reactions to the giving model; and Mark’s advice to other companies on how to maximize impact.

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Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
The Immigrant Welcome Center


The Immigrant Welcome Center (IWC) supports a group that is unseen to many: our immigrant population. Regardless of WHY a foreign-born person is here or HOW they came to be in Indianapolis, the IWC provides critical resources such as low-cost legal counsel, as well as an immediate community of knowledgeable fellow immigrants. In addition to their humanitarian work, IWC also addresses issues around social justice for immigrants and improves our community environment through cultural humility training and more. IWC is the only organization in Indianapolis dedicated to supporting immigrants as well as helping make our community even better by drawing on all of the assets our immigrant neighbors bring us.

– Nomination submitted by Dana Harrison

Thank you for taking care in your community, IMC!

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