“This is what we’re selling. This is who we are. We believe that it’s responsible, we believe it’s authentic, we believe it’s real.”

This week, Vicki and Kathy chat with Steven Downey, president of Harmony Fuels, about how the company is helping consumers reduce their footprints through a first-of-its-kind carbon offsetting program. Topics of discussion include: How Harmony Fuels started; Why invest in sustainable energy sources?; Consumer reactions to the carbon offsetting program; How the program works; Tackling the climate crisis incrementally; Downey’s desire for more competition within the space; Why an absolutist approach to sustainability isn’t reasonable; Harmony Fuel’s goals; and Downey’s advice to other energy companies.

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Popsie’s Pantry

Popsie’s Pantry supports individuals and families living in the northwest quadrant of Indianapolis who experience food insecurity, regardless of religion, race, nationality, ethnic group, or gender. Clients schedule individual appointments and can choose from a variety of foods, fresh produce, cleaning supplies and toiletries as well as from a large kosher-foods section.‘”

– Nomination submitted by Debra Pelletiere

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