“First be good. Then talk about it.”

Prior to 2018, LLCs in Utah that wanted a benefit designation weren’t recognized by the state, even though LLCs made up 80% of the state’s new businesses.  This meant that the majority of Utah’s for-profit companies weren’t able to take society and the environment into consideration when making business decisions and instead were making those choices purely in the interest of profit. John Pilmer, APR, founder and CEO of PilmerPR, played an integral role in giving Utah’s LLCs access to a benefit LLC designation by testifying in front of the Utah State Business and Labor Interim Committee about the merits of expanding the benefit designation to include this additional sector of Utah’s business.

PilmerPR became the second benefit LLC recognized by the state of Utah, though the marketing and PR firm had been operating responsibly long before the official designation. Vicki and Kathy talk with John about how he has been inspiring business leaders to become good corporate citizens by embedding CSR into their business functions through speaking at various sustainability conferences and advocating for green PR. John shares more about how PilmerPR is doing good both internally and externally through the clients they work with and represent. Listen in to learn more about John’s inspiring story and to hear his advice on how to best communicate your CSR goals with your stakeholders.

Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Thomas Mote M.D. of Tumaini Foundation for Global Heath and Humanitarianism

Along with several other DePauw University graduates and a Harvard School of Medicine faculty member, Dr. Mote founded the Tumaini Foundation for Global Health and Humanitarianism with the dual mission of alleviating health disparities worldwide by advancing global health education at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels and promoting excellence in global health careers. The foundation accomplishes this by bringing in outside speakers to universities and sending students to national meetings. Dr. Mote also funds a senior award at DePauw University that recognizes students who have gone above and beyond to promote the health of populations.

Tumaini is currently working towards a goal of starting a medical school dedicated to global heath that would combine traditional medical school teachings with an emphasis on the health of populations by focusing on underserved populations and worldwide health equity. If you’re interested in supporting their mission, visit www.tumainiglobalhealth.org.

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