“There are so many great reasons to talk about strengths at work instead of deficiencies.”

Two-thirds of American workers are not engaged at work – which is a serious problem for business because, according to a study by Gallup, there is a strong relationship between employee engagement and overall company performance. So if engagement creates success, how can companies effectively increase their employees’ engagement?

Sarah Robinson, owner of Fresh Concepts and a Gallup-certified strengths coach, believes there is a simple solution to this dilemma. She says engagement is seven times more likely if employers are able to correctly identify, articulate and use an employee’s strengths in the workplace.

Vicki and Kathy talk with Sarah about her journey to become one of the first seven people to be certified by Gallup in strengths coaching and how her passion for optimizing employee performance led her to author two books and found Fresh Concepts, a human resources consulting firm. Sarah shares a few simple and inexpensive ways business owners can talk about strengths with their employees to maximize talent and create a culture of success. Listen in to find out how investing in employee engagement programming can actually help your bottom line.

Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Tina McIntosh of Joy’s House

Tina McIntosh is the Founder, CEO & President of Joy’s House, a nonprofit Adult Day Service that has been caring for caregivers and their loved ones in and around Indianapolis for the past 20 years. Not only is Tina a devoted servant leader, loving wife and mother of three – she’s also a survivor who is battling breast cancer for a second time, while continuing to work for and help others. Listen in to the end of this episode to hear more of her inspiring story.

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