“My philosophy is very, very simple: Do unto others as you would ave them do unto you.”

When Robert Carr graduated high school in the mid-1960s, he received a $250 scholarship to help pay for college. It was then that he promised himself that if he ever made some extra money, he would pay the donor back – plus interest – to show how much the donation meant to him. As he progressed through his professional career, he found success in providing businesses with payment processing, employee management and point of sale services. Today, he is the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Beyond, Inc., a company that provides business tools and services to small and mid-size businesses across the country.

Though it took longer than he thought, he was eventually able to pay back the scholarship and then some (and by some, we mean $100,000). This donation sparked an idea that eventually created Bob’s nonprofit organization, Give Something Back (Give Back). Since conception, Give Back has donated over $50 million to students facing adversity in the form of scholarships, educational mentoring services and social guidance. Vicki and Kathy talk with Bob to learn more about his unique approach to combining both his for-profit company and nonprofit passion project to maximize impact. Listen in to hear his expert advice on how to make your business work for good.

Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Global Orphan Foundation

The Global Orphan Foundation is a U.S. based non-profit with a global mission: to advocate on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide and respond with action. The organization is committed to easing the burden third-world and developing countries that are struggling to meet the basic needs of orphaned children. They believe that all children deserve a champion.

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