“We want to make sure our nonprofit clients can put the majority of their resources into delivering on their mission.”

In 1993, Ann Merkel and a group of her colleagues noticed that many of Indianapolis’ banks were being acquired by large holding companies that moved their headquarters out of state. Agreeing that their community deserved local ownership and local decision making, the group set out to establish The National Bank of Indianapolis. Since then, the bank has grown to be the largest locally owned bank in the city and is fully committed to strengthening the greater Indianapolis community through strategic partnerships and by serving local nonprofit organizations. 

Vicki and Kathy talk with Ann to learn more about the unique banking services The National Bank of Indianapolis offers nonprofit organizations in addition to organizing educational seminars for local charities to help them save money while accomplishing their goals. Ann also details the bank’s internal CSR initiatives, including recycling and sustainability programs and health and wellness seminars for employees.

Listen in to hear how The National Bank of Indianapolis has grown to become much more than just another bank and to learn how they’re furthering their impact by sponsoring our podcast’s newest segment, Taking Care in Community!

Who’s Taking Care in Community this week:
Dove Recovery House for Women

Since 2000, Dove Recovery House for Women (Dove House) has been at the forefront of serving women with Substance Use Disorder in the Indianapolis area. As the largest transitional housing and recovery program in Marion County, Dove House is committed to empowering women to become substance free, self-sufficient and healthy by providing free & safe, sober transitional housing, trauma based recovery programming and a community based therapeutic network of support for women as they re-enter their communities.

Taking Care in Community is brought to you by The National Bank of Indianapolis