“It seems to me that the most important measure of the quality of ones’ life is measured in how many lives you touch.”

According to Bruce Kidd, he’s always been a music lover. So much so, that every day he’s standing upright there’s a tune playing in the background – whether it be in his head or through a speaker. Bruce also has a passion for philanthropy. Having been raised to understand the importance of volunteerism and servant leadership, he has served numerous nonprofits as both a volunteer and board member. Those two passions – music and giving back – came together three years ago when Bruce co-founded Concerts for a Cause, an Indianapolis-based initiative that puts on quarterly concerts and donates all proceeds to a small local charity. Since 2016, the organization has donated almost $200,000 to a wide range of nonprofits.

Vicki and Kathy talk with Bruce about how the idea for Concerts for a Cause came to be, and how the initiative has grown since its inception to expand its community impact. Bruce shares how Concerts for a Cause selects nonprofits, and how the organization overcomes the challenges that an all-volunteer staff presents when trying to market and promote each event. Listen in to hear Bruce’s infectious enthusiasm for giving back and to learn how to buy tickets for the next Concerts for a Cause event or a similar event near you.