A very simple system – honed to the very elements of what’s important, focused on the right thing, with people aligned to get it done – will have a proportionally large impact.

Trebuchet Group is all about simplicity, efficiency, and cohesion. So much so, that when applying for B Corporation Certification, the company negotiated terms of the certification in order to make sure all legal language was easily understood by every member of the Trebuchet Group team. This dedication to inclusion is why business leaders find immense value in Trebuchet’s team-building, consulting and coaching services. Trebuchet’s goal with every client is to align the company’s mission with those of its employees and to find ways to communicate every team member’s worth to overall business goals.

Vicki and Kathy talk with Chris Hutchinson, Trebuchet Group’s CEO and Abundance Influencer, about ways businesses can achieve their social impact goals by aligning their team. Chris shares how Trebuchet not only talks the team-building talk but also puts philosophy into action by engaging clients determined by Trebuchet to be “Green Flag Companies.”  Listen in to hear Chris’ invaluable insight into the inner workings of company dynamics, and to learn best practices when trying to spark change within your business.

Visit rippleleader.com to find out how you can buy one copy Chris Hutchinson’s book, Ripple: a field manual for leadership that works, and give another copy to a friend/colleague of your choice for free.