“Identify your biggest footprint and incentivize your partners and customers to join you in reducing it.”

Theresa Krier had her entrepreneurial “lightbulb moment” backstage at New York Fashion Week. Her idea, however, wasn’t about the latest breakout trend or this season’s color palette – it was about how to enhance the health of those around her. As an avid tea-lover, Krier had started brewing the idea to start a tea company years before, but finally had the right mission: to truly nourish the mind, body, and spirit – while also protecting the planet. 

Named one of 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine, Krier’s company, BigT NYC, has taken off since that night in New York. Vicki and Kathy talk with her about how Krier has drawn on experiences studying entrepreneurship, conducting cancer research, attending business school and working for Fortune 500 companies to develop a sustainability-focused business model. Listen in to hear Krier’s advice on how to build a business that not only stands the test of time but also positively impacts its customers and the planet.