“Impact Makers is owned by the community.”

If you’re like Vicki and Kathy, the above statement raises a couple of questions: Is it possible for a community to own a company? If so, what does that even look like? Impact Makers, a management and technology consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia has the answers. As one of the first 40 certified Benefit Corporations in the nation, Impact Makers is a leader in CSR – contributing 100% of its net profits to charity over the life of the company and gifting all stock ownership to Richmond community initiatives. 

Vicki and Kathy talk with Rodney Willett, Impact Makers’ Vice President of Community Impact about the nuances of being a “100%er” and how their service-based business model is unique to that space. Rodney touches on the ways being impact-focused has not only benefited the surrounding Richmond community but also helps the company recruit and retain talented consultants that contribute to and improve Impact Makers’ bottom line. Listen in to hear his advice on how to utilize a business model to transform business value into a lasting social impact that creates meaningful change for employees, the community, and your business.