“We’re taking the things that society has thrown away – the old electronic waste and the people – and we’re making them into something new, something that society wants.”

Whenever someone asks about social enterprise in Indianapolis, they’re directed to Gregg Keesling’s work. Gregg has built an excellent reputation within the Indianapolis and Indiana community as the go-to person for social responsibility and community building. Co-founder of RecycleForce, a company that recycles 10 million pounds of electronic and other waste annually, as well as, providing transitional employment and skills training to help ex-offenders re-enter the workforce, Gregg is a force for environmental and social good. 

RecycleForce’s goal is to not only change the community’s perspective of ex-convicts but to also help the ex-offenders see themselves in a new light. Vicki and Kathy talk with Gregg about the nuances of working with the criminal justice system when hiring and the many challenges that prevent ex-convicts from maintaining consistent work. Listen in to hear Gregg’s advice on how to successfully combine capitalism and charity to create a social enterprise with a lasting impact.