“I look at the different aspects of what makes a well-balanced person, and apply those same traits to a well-balanced company.”

Jenny Foley works for a first-class warehousing storage facility that offers multi-temperature storage facilities for the food, grocery, and pharmaceutical industries. But Jenny doesn’t unload shipments or operate a forklift. In her nine years with Merchandise Warehouse, Jenny has tackled recruitment and retention issues through the strategic implementation of an innovative employee wellness program – effectively driving down the company’s turnover rate by over 40 percent.

Vicki and Kathy talk with Jenny about the many different benefits and programs Merchandise Warehouse provides for employees as a part of the wellness program she helped develop- from van share carpooling to an on-site therapist that employees can visit while staying on the clock. Listen in to hear Jenny’s unique approach to investing in an organization’s success through employee wellness and her vision to create a “Well Company” that strives to be a positive force in the lives of all employees.