“Start with what’s real. Start with what you know and what you can move on first, and then work it out from there.”

The Greenbiz 350 podcast is just one part of a 30-year effort by Heather Clancy and her co-host, Joel Makower to highlight businesses that are playing a role in stewarding the planet for future generations. The idea was born through a simple newsletter and grew into a media and events company that invites people to learn the technology and strategies that help companies achieve responsibility and sustainability goals.

Vicki and Kathy talk with Heather about the three events GreenBiz organizes each year, and how Greenbiz is using their weekly podcast as an additional educational and community building tool to highlight the people and businesses behind news headlines in sustainable business and clean technology. Drawing from her interviews with people leading the CSR movement, Heather shares her advice on how to create a lasting impact in your surrounding community.

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