I had an idea and a vision, and through purpose and passion it evolved into something that I didn’t imagine.

Alyssa Norwalk’s passion lies in the retail industry. After working at a women’s clothing store owned by her mother as a manager and buyer for many years, Alyssa began to form a vision for a store that does more. She made that idea a reality, and discovered new purpose through the creation of Plenty Lifestyle – an Indianapolis-based lifestyle retail store. Plenty creates a unique sensory experience for each customer through Alyssa’s carefully curated inventory of merchandise, 80% of which is artisan-made and locally sourced.

We talk with Alyssa to find out more about her mission to empower and inspire both artisans and the community through hosting art openings, community events, and in-store fundraisers for a variety of community organizations. Listen to hear how Alyssa is constantly pursuing her original vision to give her passion a purpose.