That’s what life’s about: feeding people, making them feel good and making them proud of their community.

The COMMONS café is a quick service social enterprise eatery located in Staten Island, New York, whose motto is: “Eat Good. Do Good.” Established by the Nicotra family, the restaurant is fulfilling that motto through its local dishes and dedication to improving the Staten Island community. COMMONS café donates 100% of its profits to local nonprofit groups and scholarships for the employees’ children and grandchildren.

We talk with The Nicotra Group’s chief of staff and executive director of The Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation, Kristine Garlisi, who shares more about how the café is spreading its mission throughout Staten Island. Over the past eight years they have donated nearly $800,000. Listen to experience for yourself Kristine’s contagious energy and enthusiasm for philanthropy and her Staten Island community.