Real estate development can spur action, to where people can have hope in hopeless places.

Britnie Turner never planned to go into business. At a young age, she committed her life to wiping out poverty at its roots and to providing hope in places and cultures where abuse and neglect are common place. At 21, Britnie founded Aerial to fulfill that commitment by using real estate to develop impoverished areas. The Aerial brand has expanded since then to include a total of five companies and one nonprofit – all with the goal to elevate people and places.

We talk with Britnie about her innovative approach to doing business, which includes an emphasis on the triple bottom line. Britnie also shares how Aerial is truly taking care in their business, by focusing on driving profits and creating a stable company in order impact communities across the globe in bigger and better ways. As a self-made businesswoman who has created success for herself and the communities she works with, Britnie has so much to share with the world. Listen to hear her words of wisdom, what CSR means to her, and an infectious enthusiasm for using business for good.