It doesn’t have to be all-inclusive, all-encompassing, perfect or cutting edge from the beginning, but you have to start somewhere.  

Step 1: discover your personal drive

Step 2: uncover your professional capabilities

Step 3: contribute to an organization that integrates profit with building a thriving community

Step 4: that community provides you and all of its citizens with opportunities to prosper

Is it steps or a cycle? It is Inspiring Capital’s organizational vision to help facilitate the people and organizations making a positive impact their communities.

As the founder and CEO of Inspiring Capital, Nell Derick Debevoise leads her B-Corp certified company in creating programs that facilitate learning, development and inclusion. Many of these programs encourage people and organizations to align their work with the needs of their communities. As they strive to re-inspire the American workforce, Inspiring Capital gets employees more engaged and brings innovation to the workspace.

Being a B-Corp certified organization is no easy feat. Many people don’t even know what that means. Nell and her team enjoy educating others on the values of certification and how they, once unified, are an unstoppable force using business for good. They have helped other companies become certified and implement new goals to maximize their impact. Learn more about B-Corp certification in Nell’s episode.