Steve Sanner, the owner of 48 Jiffy Lube stores, focuses on the community through a variety of programs that support local art, local team members and local nonprofits.  

When Steve Sanner’s Jiffy Lube store was plagued with graffiti, he decided to use it as an opportunity to engage the community by creating the Every Part Matters public art project. The project gives back to the community by showcasing artwork created by muralists and artists on the exterior of Jiffy Lube buildings.

Jiffy Lube also supports the community through its Growing People Through Work program. The program offers employees resources to improve their lives through a variety of means including employee scholarships, helping with car repairs and offering life skill seminars.

Listen in as Sanner describes how the Growing People Through Work program helps people who haven’t put down roots to finally grow their careers as well as other ways Jiffy Lube cultivates a community-focused team.