Whitney Chuchla

Episode 103: Improving Lives Through an Ethical Fair Trade Fashion Company w/ Whitney Chuchla

Get ready to shop! We had the pleasure of chatting with Whitney Chuchla, Director of US Operations for Center for Global Impact, focusing on the BYTAVI Project. BYTAVI is a fair trade fashion brand produced in Cambodia, focused on ethical clothing and improving lives.

Episode 75: Evelyn Magley of The Basketball League

How can sports leagues impact their surrounding communities? This week, Vicki and Kathy talk with the first African American woman to ever own a male professional sports league in the United States.

Episode 55: Brenda Barnicki of Bellafina Chocolates

“In my mind, the best CSR programs are those that have their values embedded all the way through the company." Brenda Barnicki was told by relatives and friends that the gourmet chocolates she gifted to them on holidays were so good she should start selling them. So in her spare time, Brenda founded Bellafina Chocolates, … Continue reading Episode 55: Brenda Barnicki of Bellafina Chocolates

Being a “100%er” & Helping to “Raise All Ships”

Guest Blog – Rodney Willett of Impact Makers I work for Impact Makers, a technology consulting company based in Richmond, Virginia, one of just a few dozen companies in the U.S. that have made the ultimate commitment as a social enterprise: contributing all profits to charity over the life of the company. Many people have … Continue reading Being a “100%er” & Helping to “Raise All Ships”

Episode 48: Heather Clancy of GreenBiz

“Start with what's real. Start with what you know and what you can move on first, and then work it out from there." The Greenbiz 350 podcast is just one part of a 30-year effort by Heather Clancy and her co-host, Joel Makower to highlight businesses that are playing a role in stewarding the planet … Continue reading Episode 48: Heather Clancy of GreenBiz