Episode 125: Hello, Frittle with Carrie Abbott

Who said accidents aren’t sweet? Carrie Abbott started in her kitchen but is now the founder of Newfangled Confections and owner of Best Chocolate in Town, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. In this episode, hear how an accident lead to a delicious treat and a retail location in one of the most expensive malls in the … Continue reading Episode 125: Hello, Frittle with Carrie Abbott

Episode 124: Sunny Period with Drew Jarvis

Guest Drew Jarvis shares her journey to create a new hassle-free, sustainable period product. What started as a high school passion project is becoming a full fledged company just about four years later. Jarvis is the co-founder of Sunny Period, a company focused on changing the narrative around periods, menstruators, and period poverty. 

Episode 121: Ingage Partners with Kelly Dolan and Miranda Cocca

Join Vicki as she meets with Kelly Dolan and Miranda Cocca of Ingage Partners. Kelly and Miranda discuss Ingage and how they work to help businesses on the tech side.

Episode 115: Let’s Get Confident with Diane Gatza

Join Vicki as she sits down with Diane Gatza of Confident Cards. The two discuss Diane's strive to work on daily affirmation cards as a way to spread love and positivity to others.