Cynthia Pizzaro CSpring Consulting

Episode 23: Cynthia Pizarro of CSpring Consulting

Cynthia Pizarro, President of CSpring, is determined to use Corporate Responsibility to place emphasis on the company’s core values. In her role, Cynthia is responsible for aligning CSpring’s goals and business operations with the firm’s vision and growth strategy. In addition to business strategy, Cynthia is actively involved in managing key accounts and community development initiatives inside and outside of CSpring. 

Vicki Bohlsen of Bohlsen Group and Taking Care In Business

Episode 22: Vicki Bohlsen of Bohlsen Group

Vicki Bohlsen is the founder and president of Bohlsen Group, an Indianapolis-based communications firm. Bohlsen Group executes “unified marketing for good” for clients across the country that share their values and mission, creating and implementing marketing and publicity applications for corporations, nonprofit organizations, entertainer, and events.

Kathy Pedrotti Hays

Episode 20: Kathy Pedrotti Hays of Best Boy & Company

Through her acquisition of Best Boy and Company, Kathy is finally able to combine her love of food with her passion for charitable giving and working with socially responsible companies that benefit their local communities. Join in as Kathy talks about the circuitous route of this new career challenge.

Ryan Cheli Community Health Network Foundation

Episode 19: Ryan Chelli of Community Health Network

Ryan Chelli joins Taking Care In Business to talk about the mission-driven initiatives sustained by Community Health Network, including a robust volunteer program created to support the Foundation’s mission by creating volunteer opportunities to give back to local neighborhoods.

Beam Headshot Viveka Hulyalkar

Episode 18: Viveka Hulyalkar of Beam Impact

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn every retail visit into an opportunity for social good? Well, two women are on a mission to make this the case with a new app: Beam – Impact, an iOS app available for free download in the App Store. 

Just Pop In

Episode 17: Mandy Selke and Carly Swift of Just Pop In!

Mandy Selke & Carly Swift of Just Pop In! exude joy in all of their interactions. The sisters are passionate about their growing product line, one-of-a-kind packaging, and over-the-top customer service. However, their biggest passion is by far the happiness and compassion of people.

Jeff Brown of Newmans Own Foundation

Episode 15: Jeff Brown of Newman’s Own Foundation

Newman’s Own Foundation is a qualified 501(c)3 charitable organization founded by Paul Newman in 2005 to assure the continuation of his commitment to use 100% of the net profits and royalties from the sale of Newman’s Own food and beverage products for charitable purposes.

Ellie Symes The Bee Corp

Episode 14: Ellie Symes and Wes Hadley of The Bee Corp

Listen in as Ellie and Wes discuss the company that is creating quite a bit of “buzz”! Ellie was recently nominated as a 2018 Rising Star for the 19th Annual Mira Awards and The Bee Corp received a $225,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. 

Maurelhena Walles Fit 4 Life NYC

Episode 13: Maurelhena Walles of Fit 4 Life NYC

Today, Fit 4 Life NYC proudly partners with schools, community and nonprofit organizations throughout the city’s boroughs that work with under-served communities. They focus on improving the lives of youth and adults living within these communities.