Episode 124: Sunny Period with Drew Jarvis

Guest Drew Jarvis shares her journey to create a new hassle-free, sustainable period product. What started as a high school passion project is becoming a full fledged company just about four years later. Jarvis is the co-founder of Sunny Period, a company focused on changing the narrative around periods, menstruators, and period poverty. 

Episode 122: Spreading Awareness with Lisa Hall

With the goal of breaking down stigma and instilling hope, Lisa Hall conceived the documentary called “The Addict’s Wake” focused on the opioid epidemic that plagues every community. The film, which made its debut at the Heartland International Film Festival, has won several awards for its first-hand account of stories of addiction and recovery. Hear … Continue reading Episode 122: Spreading Awareness with Lisa Hall

Episode 121: Ingage Partners with Kelly Dolan and Miranda Cocca

Join Vicki as she meets with Kelly Dolan and Miranda Cocca of Ingage Partners. Kelly and Miranda discuss Ingage and how they work to help businesses on the tech side.

Episode 120: Guardian Angel with Sam Grice

After losing his mother suddenly, Sam Grice saw first-hand how much work goes into planning celebrations of life while simultaneously trying to grieve the loss of a loved one. This experience inspired him to create Guardian Angel, a company designed to help people through, and plan for death. Hear how Grice strives to make talking … Continue reading Episode 120: Guardian Angel with Sam Grice

Episode 119: Finding Hope with Chris Leeuw

Attitude is everything. After an accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, Chris Leeuw traveled the country seeking affordable treatment after insurance visits were exhausted. After two years of recovery, Leeuw returned home walking and determined to create a facility similar to the one that saved him. Tune in to hear this story … Continue reading Episode 119: Finding Hope with Chris Leeuw

Episode 118: GiveSmart with Bethany Little

Thinking she would change the world with policy, Bethany Little got her start in Washington DC... and then the internet happened, as she likes to say. She joined a startup and helped advocacy groups learn how to use websites and email instead of telemarketing and direct mail. Fast forward years later, she is working with … Continue reading Episode 118: GiveSmart with Bethany Little

Episode 117: Making Clothing Accessible with Mary Beth Kohart

Imagine your favorite cozy outfit. You would live in it if you could, right? For those with diabetes, cozy is not always functional, but MBK Wear is here to change that. Mary Beth Kohart created MBK Wear to be accessible to those with diabetes, tune into today's episode to hear how!

Episode 116: Celebrating B Corp Month with Pooja Dindigal

We often talk on this podcast about being "B Corp Certified", but what does that mean? Today's guest is here to get into the nitty gritty of the process. Pooja Dindigal walks us through the certification process, its significance, and more!  

Episode 115: Let’s Get Confident with Diane Gatza

Join Vicki as she sits down with Diane Gatza of Confident Cards. Gatza discusses her strive to work on daily affirmation cards as a way to spread love and positivity to others. She then shares her experience as an entrepreneur and how it has impacted her life throughout the years.

Episode 114: Lemonade’s Leadership with Nina Rauch

Meet Nina Rauch, Social Impact Lead at Lemonade Insurance, in celebration of Women’s History Month and B Corp Month. Rauch discusses Lemonade’s work towards creating insurance that is fast and delightful while giving back to the world as well.

Episode 113: Taking Care In Business with Dominick Albano

Guest Dominick Albano, VP Marketing and Strategic Communication at Full Circle Fund,  joins Taking Care In Business this week. Albano shares how his organization is using “a unique model of engaged philanthropy” to build up nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area.