Episode 117: Making Clothing Accessible with Mary Beth Kohart

Imagine your favorite cozy outfit. You would live in it if you could, right? For those with diabetes, cozy is not always functional, but MBK Wear is here to change that. Mary Beth Kohart created MBK Wear to be accessible to those with diabetes, tune into today's episode to hear how!

Episode 116: Celebrating B Corp Month with Pooja Dindigal

We often talk on this podcast about being "B Corp Certified", but what does that mean? Today's guest is here to get into the nitty gritty of the process. Pooja Dindigal walks us through the certification process, its significance, and more!  

Episode 115: Let’s Get Confident with Diane Gatza

Join Vicki as she sits down with Diane Gatza of Confident Cards. Gatza discusses her strive to work on daily affirmation cards as a way to spread love and positivity to others. She then shares her experience as an entrepreneur and how it has impacted her life throughout the years.

Episode 114: Lemonade’s Leadership with Nina Rauch

Meet Nina Rauch, Social Impact Lead at Lemonade Insurance, in celebration of Women’s History Month and B Corp Month. Rauch discusses Lemonade’s work towards creating insurance that is fast and delightful while giving back to the world as well.

Episode 113: Taking Care In Business with Dominick Albano

Guest Dominick Albano, VP Marketing and Strategic Communication at Full Circle Fund,  joins Taking Care In Business this week. Albano shares how his organization is using “a unique model of engaged philanthropy” to build up nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Episode 111: A Social Impact and Responsibility with Brandon Parkes

Join Vicki as she talks to guest Brandon Parkes of Parkes Philanthropy. They discuss supporting nonprofits and corporations in order to make a social impact and how exactly that looks in the work place.

Episode 110: New Visions with Lauren Higginbotham and Lacey Smith

Join Vicki for the beginning of a new era, as she sits down with the other faces behind the podcast including Lauren Higginbotham and Lacey Smith. Vicki discusses upcoming changes with the podcast as well as new visions and goals!    

Episode 109: Helping Small Business Thrive with a Revolutionary Accounting Software w/ Rachael Powell

Vicki meets with Rachael Powell, Chief Customer Officer of Xero in Australia. Powell shares how, Xero, a cloud-based accounting software company is improving lives around the world. Xero focuses on easing the burden and stress of accounting by providing businesses with an accessible accounting option and much, much more.

Episode 108: Using Writing as a Force for Change w/ Rebecca Duff & Michael Lenox of The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business

Vicki meets with authors Rebecca Duff and Michael Lenox to discuss "Decarbonization Imperative," which focuses on climate change and the world's future. Duff and Lenox share their goals and aspirations for decarbonization, further discussing how their writing can promote change in the world we live in today.

Andy Dix

Episode 107: Coaching Executives and Changing the Workplace w/ Andy Dix

Join us this week as Vicki talks with Andy Dix, Board Certified Executive Coach of AD Growth Advisers. Andy and Vicki discuss the challenges of coaching executives and how changing your mindset can make a major impact in the workplace. Dix shares his work with different coaching options and workshops.

Sandeep Aggarwal

Episode 106: Building Business from the Ground Up and Changing the Workplace w/ Sandeep Aggarwal

Join us this week as Vicki chats with Sandeep Aggarwal about starting Droom, India's first online automobile marketplace, and ShopClues, India's first-ever managed online marketplace.  Sandeep talks about the rises and falls in his life and how that has helped him craft his business and change the workplace in India.