Episode 97: Bob Kobek of CustomerCount

Josh Driver, co-founder and CEO of Selflessly — our podcast sponsor — joins the podcast this week as a guest host to talk to Bob Kobek. Bob is the founder and CEO of Customer Count, a feature-rich, cloud based survey solution company. If you’ve ever wondered about being B Corp certified, this is the episode toContinue reading “Episode 97: Bob Kobek of CustomerCount”

Episode 96: Brent Tilson of Tilson HR

Vicki’s company, Bohlsen Group, is a customer of Tilson. Listen in as Vicki talks to founder Brent Tilson about how professional employment organizations (PEOs) are helping manage human resources so companies can focus on their core business.

Episode 95: John McDonald of Next Studios

Do you have an idea for a business and you want to know if it is viable? John McDonald founded the first Benefits (B) Corporation venture studio: Next Studios in Indianapolis. Hear how this unique partnership of experienced entrepreneurs helps visionaries shape and craft ideas and move them forward with capital and talent. “By entrepreneurs,Continue reading “Episode 95: John McDonald of Next Studios”

Episode 94: Tammy Butler Robinson of Engaging Solutions LLC

More than fifteen years ago, Tammy Renee Butler was one of the managing principals who founded Engaging Solutions, a Midwest-based managing consulting firm. Whether leading the company’s call center and co-managing the firm’s planning and community outreach sector or preaching at the House of God Church, her spirit and spirituality helps drive success for herself andContinue reading “Episode 94: Tammy Butler Robinson of Engaging Solutions LLC”

Episode 93: Daniel Poynter of Carbon Neutral Indiana.

Do you often wonder how your daily activities are contributing to the carbon footprint? Understanding how to measure it is the first step to cleaning up and reducing your impact. Daniel Poynter, Founder of Carbon Neutral Indiana, is striving to offset carbon outputs one household or business at a time. Don’t understand how this works?Continue reading “Episode 93: Daniel Poynter of Carbon Neutral Indiana.”

EPISODE 92: Tamara Cypress of Black Onyx Management, Inc.

EPISODE 92: Tamara Cypress is challenging the status quo. As a CSR Consultant for Black Onyx Management, Inc., Tamara serves as a powerful agent for change both in her professional life and in her community.

EPISODE 90: Tom Hanley of Nine13sports

Founder of Nine13sports, Tom Hanley is passionate about empowering the next generation and serving the Indianapolis community in the best way he knows how: using the power of the bicycle.

EPISODE 89: Allyson Mitchell of Indiana Recycling Coalition

EPISODE 89: Allyson Mitchell, executive director of Indiana Recycling Coalition, joins us this week to discuss her mission of increasing and improving Hoosier’s awareness of and access to recycling and sustainability efforts.

EPISODE 87: Derrin Slack and Pitt Thompson of ProAct Indy

A true social impact organization, ProAct Indy connects schools, corporations and nonprofit organizations to empower youth to better serve their communities and cross social, racial and economic boundaries.

EPISODE 86: Dr. Cameual Wright of CareSource

CareSource, a health care company, is striving to improve the health and well being of citizens returning to society after incarceration through its Indiana Reentry Program. Through this program, CareSource is working to eliminate stigma and help returning citizens thrive and gain self sufficiency.