BLOG: What Happens When Everything Stops?

Tom Hanely of Nine13sports strives to empower youth and serve the Indianapolis community through the power of the bicycle. Check out Tom’s guest blog on how he and his team have shifted gears to continue best serving children and families in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BLOG: In Pursuit of Circularity

Guest blog by Allyson Mitchel, executive director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition. Allyson talks the true impact of responsibly reducing, reusing and recycling to better our planet and our economy.

BLOG: Four Ways to Inject CSR into Sponsorship

Ken Ungar, the go-to guy for all things sponsorship, believes there is great power in integrating sponsorship and corporate social responsibility. Read more about the ways in which CSR can be injected into sponsorship strategy to supercharge the impact of sponsorship.

BLOG: Business as a Force for Better

Blog by Vicki Bohlsen, co-host of Taking Care in Business and founder and president of Bohlsen Group, talks the impact of companies balancing purpose and profit through B Corp certification.

BLOG: Caring for Community – Supporting Citizens Returning to Society

CareSource, a health care company, is making strides to help returning citizens thrive and gain self-sufficiency as they reenter society. Through the CareSource Reentry Program, CareSource is able and proud to support the well-being of these vulnerable citizens.

BLOG: Rowing, Running and Raising the Bar

By Carolyn McDonald of Orangetheory Fitness In 2017, through a partnership with Augie’s Quest, Orangetheory Fitness announced a social initiative to raise money and awareness for ALS. Also known as Lou Gerig’s disease, ALS, is a progressive neurological disease that strips a person of the ability to walk, speak, swallow and, eventually, breathe. On average,Continue reading “BLOG: Rowing, Running and Raising the Bar”

BLOG: Using Business as a Force for Good

Last week’s guests, Ivan Giraud and Helene Caillate of GoGo squeeZ, share about their company’s mission to create a more sustainable, healthier, and more inclusive world for tomorrow.

BLOG: Better Bedding for a Better World

By Colin McIntosh of Sheets & Giggles When I first conceived of Sheets & Giggles, I had one goal in mind: build a profitable business by selling truly eco-friendly products. And to foist bedding puns on the whole world. So, two goals. Whenever we create a new product, sustainability is not an afterthought. It’s ourContinue reading “BLOG: Better Bedding for a Better World”