Brice Gosnell is a strategic planner and engaged leader with more than 18 years of experience growing revenue, consumer awareness and brand reach for publishing companies John Wiley and Sons and Lonely Planet, as well as for an environmental media web site

A self-possessed right/left-brain equal, Brice is comfortable managing P&Ls alongside creative initiatives. He volunteers regularly with nonprofit organizations and excels at shepherding people and projects around a shared goal.

Brice, a Gen Xer, is looking to find a way to put these skills to use in a company “with a meaningful purpose”. His insight into why this matters to him is what drew Kathy and Vicki to him to share his thoughts and insight on “Taking Care in Business”.

Vicki met Brice through a referral because he wanted to talk about the Indianapolis market since Bohlsen Group was the first B Corp certified company in the state.  She enjoyed meeting him so much that she thinks listeners will enjoy hearing why his dedication to corporate responsibility runs so deep that he is willing to make a lot of changes to make a move from San Francisco – along with his partner and two kids – to find it.

We all know millennials stereotypically want to find a purpose in their work. In fact, research shows that 88% of millennials feel their job is more fulfilling when they have the opportunity to make a positive impact; whereas, 53% of workers overall feel this way. What makes this Gen Xer unique?

The company where he lands will be lucky. Employees who find meaning in their work report being 2.8 times more likely to stay with their organization because they are 2.2 times more satisfied in their jobs.

Listen in as Kathy and Vicki talk to Brice about finding meaning in work and why that matters to him.