“Each one of us is responsible for our footprint and what we leave behind. Hopefully the legacy we leave is better than the one we adopted.”
– Mehrdad Sarlak

In the second-ever Taking Care in Business Bonus Episode, Vicki and Kathy come to you live from the Indy Shorts International Film Festival! Our hosts talk with three attendees spanning four generations and ask: “What does CSR mean to you?” Listen in to see if there is any difference in the generational perception of CSR and to discover how the movement has evolved over the years. 

Hear unique and moving insights from Ken Owen, special advisor to the president at DePauw University, Mehrdad Sarlak, producer of the short film “El Astronauta,” and Ethan Pedrotti Hays, Kathy’s son and official Generation Z representative.


About Our Guests


Ken Owen is the special advisor to the president at DePauw University in Indiana, his alma mater. Ken has worked at DePauw for over eighteen years, serving as the Executive Director of Media Relations prior to his current role. Before returning to DePauw, Ken held various news reporter and anchor roles for numerous stations across Indiana and South Carolina.


Mehrdad Sarlak is an MIT graduate, patented inventor and former classically-trained concert violinist, who began pursuing his passion for acting in parallel to a successful corporate career. His current multi-award winning live action short film, “El Astronauta” (2018), is successfully moving through the festival circuit with the aim at Oscar qualification for 2020.


Ethan Pedrotti Hays is the son of co-host Kathy Pedrotti Hays and serves as the official representative of Generation Z for the Taking Care in Business Podcast.