“I realized my voice was my biggest commodity – and that put me on to a path of activism and creating change.”
– Nicholas Snow

In the FIRST EVER Taking Care in Business bonus episode, Vicki and Kathy come to you live from the Indy Shorts International Film Festival! Our hosts talk with a variety of professionals from within the film industry – from directors and producers to actors and those who work behind the scenes – to find out what CSR looks like and means to them. 

Hear unique insights from Leanna Bonamici, founder and president of Palm Springs Women in Film and Television and sitting board member of Women in Film & Television International, Christina Linhardt and John DiBona, creators of the short film “TROY! The Original Lady Boy,” Nicholas Snow, executive producer/creator of PromoHomo.TV and Gurinder Singh “Khalsa” and Jenna Ruiz from the short film “Singh.”


About Our Guests


Leanna Bonamici the founder & producer of Bonamici Productions, Leanna is an Emmy nominated producer with 19 years of producing feature films, documentaries, corporate videos and TV shows. She is the Founder and current President of Palm Springs Women in Film and Television and sits on the board of Women in Film & Television International.


Christina Linhardt is an actress and director, known for “Guantanamo Circus” (2013), “Movie 43” (2013) and “Welcome to the Men’s Group” (2016). Most recently, she directed and produced “TROY! The Original Lady Boy” (2019).


John DiBona is a cinematographer and editor, known for “TROY! The Original Lady Boy” (2019), Made Love (2008) and The Dragon (2016). He is currently an independently employed video editor and independent investor, while also serving his country through the California State Military Reserve (CSMR).


Gurinder Singh “Khalsa” has been hailed as a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and a vocal leader at the local, state and national level. He is the Founder & Chairman of SikhsPAC and also serves as the current President of the Building Corporation of the City of Fishers along with serving as a member of various community boards and organizations. The short film “Singh” is based on a true incident in his life that resulted in TSA policy change and earned him the 2019 Rosa Parks Trailblazer award.


Jenna Ruiz is an actress and producer, with appearances on numerous well known feature films and T.V. series, like “Learning to Fly” (2012) and “Shameless” (2012). She is best known for writing and directing the short film “Singh” (2019), a film based on the true story of Gurinder Singh “Khalsa,” a Sikh who was not allowed to board a flight because of his turban. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.


Nicholas Snow is a journalist, author, actor, radio & television host, singer/songwriter, LGBTQ activist and a world-renowned, openly-gay, openly-HIV positive advocate for HIV testing. Producer and host of PromoHomo.TV, Nicholas provides multimedia entertainment programming and is dedicated to “connecting the circuitry of humanity.”