By Brian Tomlinson of Circle City Cryogenics

People hear cryogenics and they think we have Ted Williams and Walt Disney frozen, but “We Don’t Freeze Bodies” – that is called Cryonics. Cryonics is regarded with skepticism within the mainstream scientific community. Its practice has been characterized as quackery.

We started doing cryogenics for the racing community. From Go Carts to NHRA. Our process at 300° below zero significantly improves the wear resistance and strength of many different metals. It improves dimensional stability and helps lowers the operating and maintenance cost of large and small companies. From racing engines and brake rotors to gun barrels and blades. It works on any metal with a wear life. 

We are proud to be cryogenically treating the anti-embolism nylons for cancer patients. In our next cryogenic treatment we are going to try freezing the scrubs for those on the front lines.  Matt Ferrell with Purdue Polytechnic in Columbus In is going to do the testing on them. We hope it makes them more durable and last longer for them.

To learn more you can go to and read the testimonials. Our Facebook page has a ton of pictures & videos and testimonials.    We Don’t Freeze Bodies

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