Great taste for the greater good! 

Since 2009, dedicated customers, retail partners, and loyal stakeholders have helped Best Boy and Company thrive. Along the way, Best Boy and Company’s mustards, sauces, and spice blends have been recognized for their high quality and signature flavors, earning such awards as the Gold Medal from the International Mustard Competition for their Deli Mustard and being recognized by Gourmet Retailer for their Siracha Mustard.

Recently, Best Boy and Company has gone through a major change in leadership. Purchased from the condiment king and founder Wayne Shive, our very own co-host Kathy Pedrotti Hays has taken her years of consulting experience to become a maker of premium all-natural condiments through Best Boy and Company.

What’s the catch and what the heck does Kathy know about food?

Best Boy and Company combines two of the things Kathy loves most—social enterprise and food. Best Boy and Company is known for its award-winning sauces, mustards, and blends. But the company also donates 100% of net profits to local charities. One of a handful of companies nationwide, known as the 100 percenters, Best Boy and Company is dedicated to demonstrating that it is possible to do well by doing good. 

As a lifelong foodie and curious cook, making meals and creating new concoctions for people has been a hobby for Kathy. Growing up in a single-parent household of food lovers, Kathy frequently experimented with recipes and learned the power food has to bring people together. Always looking to expand her culinary skills while focusing on all-natural and local products, this love of food and entertaining has remained a constant in her life and a favorite past time.

Through her acquisition of Best Boy and Company, Kathy is finally able to combine her love of food with her passion for charitable giving and working with socially responsible companies that benefit their local communities.

Join in as Kathy talks about the circuitous route of this new career challenge, plans for the future and making the move from an advisor to an owner!