The Financial Times defines Corporate Social Responsibility as “a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, environmental […]

Supporting local and giving back to the community is present in every aspect of Elizabeth Maora, LLC. Not only does the company feature predominantly local products in their rental homes that they both trust and enjoy – from Tinker Coffee to Easley Wines – but a percentage of the profits from Elizabeth Maora, LLC goes to Exquisitely Engineered to fund the housing assistance program designed to get community members back on their feet so they can give back to society.

At Providence Cristo Rey High School, through a college and career preparatory curriculum and the integration of work experience in a professional setting, motivated students strive to reach their highest potential and become faith-filled, socially responsible women and men who will take the lead in creating a more just society.

Launched in May 2016, Tom Wood’s Lexus Plus Program offers greater transparency to customers and allows the car buying process to be less stressful and more enjoyable, placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction throughout the entire car-buying process.

Vicki Bohlsen is the founder and president of Bohlsen Group, an Indianapolis-based communications firm. Bohlsen Group executes “unified marketing for good” for clients across the country that share their values and mission, creating and implementing marketing and publicity applications for corporations, nonprofit organizations, entertainer, and events.

Through her acquisition of Best Boy and Company, Kathy is finally able to combine her love of food with her passion for charitable giving and working with socially responsible companies that benefit their local communities. Join in as Kathy talks about the circuitous route of this new career challenge.

Tune in to hear how Kimbal transitioned from successful tech sector investor and founder with brother Elon Musk to becoming an award-winning social entrepreneur who is promoting the real food movement.