A Platform to Show Love

Guest Blog - written by Robert Gibson As a youngster growing up in Rosedale, Evelyn Magley always knew she was called to “greatness with a purpose.” This belief was indeed validated through her representing Frank Rushton Elementary School at the KCK Public Schools Physical Fitness Competition and becoming the first African-American woman to be homecoming … Continue reading A Platform to Show Love

Episode 75: Evelyn Magley of The Basketball League

How can sports leagues impact their surrounding communities? This week, Vicki and Kathy talk with the first African American woman to ever own a male professional sports league in the United States.

Can Your Business Save the Earth?

Last week’s guest, co-author of “Can Business Save the Earth” and University of Virginia Professor Michael Lenox, shares ways every business, big or small, can play a role in combatting climate change.

Episode 73: Nancy Geenen of Flexability

Can businesses benefit from hiring people with disabilities? Nancy Geenen, CEO of Flexability, shares how focusing on employment and inclusion can have a positive impact on a business, its employees and the surrounding community.

Episode 72: Steven Downey of Harmony Fuels

Can a company that sells carbon-emitting fuels be a leader in the sustainability space? Steven Downey, president of Harmony Fuels, shares how the company is helping consumers reduce their footprints through a first-of-its-kind carbon offsetting program.

Episode 71: Al White of Eli Lilly and Company

How do multinational companies incorporate CSR? Al White, vice president of the Lilly Foundation and CSR advisor to Eli Lilly and Co., shares insight into the company’s approach to CSR and employee relations on this week’s episode!

Episode 70: Kevin Christopher of Rockridge Venture Law

Can professional service firms become B Corp Certified? Kevin Christopher, principal of Rockridge Venture Law, shares how and why Rockridge became the first Certified B Corp law group in Tennessee on this week’s episode.