The “Taking Care in Business” podcast dives into organizations, nonprofits, and individuals using business as a force for good. Whether our guests are B Corp Certified, enforce diversity efforts, or incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we cover many different perspectives.

Host Vicki Bohlsen is the founder of Bohlsen Group, a unified marketing agency that was also the first B Corp certified company in Indiana. She’s got a passion for finding a compelling, heartwarming story that allows everyone to learn a new way to “take care in business.”

Join Vicki as she talks with professionals around the globe to hear about how business is positively impacting employees, communities, the environment, and overall business success. Every other Thursday, tune in for invaluable advice from established social enterprises on conceiving, establishing, and growing your social impact - whether that be through a company you own or something you incorporate into your everyday routine.

It is Vicki’s hope that the “Taking Care in Business” podcast will help to educate listeners on corporate social responsibility and ignite a fuel inside to work for or help create a workplace for others that rely on the triple bottom line.


Listen in to find out why it is always worthwhile to take care in business.

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