Episode 109: Helping Small Business Thrive with a Revolutionary Accounting Software w/ Rachael Powell

Join Vicki is as she talks with a very special guest all the way from Australia!. Rachael Powell shares how, Xero, a cloud-based accounting software company is improving lives around the world by providing businesses with an accessible accounting option and much, much more.

Episode 108: Using Writing as a Force for Change w/ Rebecca Duff & Michael Lenox of The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business

Join Vicki for a very special episode this week, as she sits down with the Authors of “Decarbonization Imperative” Rebecca Duff and Michael Lenox. Vicki talks with Rebecca and Michael about their goals and asperations for decarbonization and how their writing can promote change in the world we live in today!

Episode 107: Coaching Executives and Changing the Workplace w/ Andy Dix

Join us this week as Vicki talks with Andy Dix of AD Growth Advisers. Andy and Vicki discuss the challenges of coaching executives and how changing your mindset can make a major impact in the workplace.

Episode 106: Building Business from the Ground Up and Changing the Workplace w/ Sandeep Aggarwal

Join us this week as Vicki chats with Sandeep Aggarwal about starting Droom, India’s first online automobile marketplace, and ShopClues, India’s first-ever managed online marketplace.  Sandeep talks about the rises and falls in his life and how that has helped him craft his business and change the workplace in India.

Episode 105: Developing Communities Through Art w/ Julie Goodman and Pam Hinkle

On this week’s new episode, host, Vicki Bohlsen, chats with Julie Goodman and Pam Hinkle about how their organizations are committed to arts-based community development.


Episode 104: Helping Organizations Rethink Giving Through Utilizing Technology w/ John Mainella and Michael Pettry

On this week’s episode, Vicki talks with John Mainella and Michael Pettry, principals of philanthropic counsel company, Cape Fletcher. Hear how John and Michael are helping organizations rethink the future of giving with the evolution of technology. Click the link in our bio to listen to this special conversation!

Episode 103: Improving Lives Through an Ethical Fair Trade Fashion Company w/ Whitney Chuchla

Get ready to shop! We had the pleasure of chatting with Whitney Chuchla, Director of US Operations for Center for Global Impact, focusing on the BYTAVI Project. BYTAVI is a fair trade fashion brand produced in Cambodia, focused on ethical clothing and improving lives.

Episode 102: How to be an Effective Philanthropist w/ Sybil Ackerman-Munson

Join Vicki and Sawyer in getting a mini lesson on how to be an effective philanthropist on this week’s episode! Founder of Do Your Good, Sybil Ackerman-Munson shares her knowledge on how to give back in the most meaningful way possible by giving a few tips from her course, Crack the Code.

Episode 101: Insights on Creating a Community-Centered Workplace Culture with Olivia Khalili

Olivia Khalili considers herself an “impact professional”. She has surely been exactly that throughout her career, and is now the VP of Global Social Impact and Philanthropy for PagerDuty, a real-time impact response platform. Join Vicki and guest host, Josh Driver, in hearing how PagerDuty is driving the effort of societal benefits through business and its employees.

Ep. 100 with Lauren Higginbotham & Sawyer Benge

This week is our 100th episode! Can you believe it? To celebrate, Vicki wanted to sit down and have a conversation with our TCIB Team! Get to know the team by hearing what CSR means to them and younger generations, what they think is the biggest issue facing companies today, and more!

Episode 99: Amy Beausir of Molly and Myrtle

Today’s guest is a flower farmer… not a florist, but an actual flower farmer. Amy Beausir is the owner of Molly & Myrtle, an event floral company that creates sustainable, whimsical, original designs that reflect nature. In this fascinating conversation, hear how the sustainability trend is weaving its way into weddings and other events. From growing her own flowers, eliminating the use of floral foam, to repurposing materials, Amy is paving the way for people who want to have conscious events and for her industry.

Episode 98: AJ Gutierrez of Saga Education

Saga Education is a national nonprofit organizations that partners with public school districts to supplement teacher instruction by offering trained tutors to students that are falling behind. Vicki’s daughter, Grace, is one of those educators. Learn more from co-founder AJ Gutierrez about why Saga Education was ranked one of the top five in education worldwide, by Fast Company. And hear firsthand from Grace Bohlsen how she is helping build confidence in struggling students by offering consistent, personalized academic math tutoring.