BLOG: Thank you, Taylor Swift

“Thank you, Taylor Swift” – a mom By Vicki Bohlsen (a mom), Host of Taking Care in Business and President of Bohlsen Group Taylor Swift is viewed as successful because of her obvious talent, plus the fact that she is beautiful inside and out. She goes so much deeper than that, though. She is a … Continue reading BLOG: Thank you, Taylor Swift

BLOG: Five Benchmarks of Power & Privilege

BY Dominick Albano, Vice President, Full Circle Fund For organizations tackling diversity, equity, unclusion, and belonging (DEIB), the issue of “power and privilege” can be challenging in order for historically underrepresented people to embrace their power in decision-making.    Full Circle Fund (FCF), a nonprofit that connects nonprofits with individuals and corporations who provide their … Continue reading BLOG: Five Benchmarks of Power & Privilege

Episode 111: A Social Impact and Responsibility with Brandon Parkes

Join Vicki as she talks to guest Brandon Parkes of Parkes Philanthropy. They discuss supporting nonprofits and corporations in order to make a social impact and how exactly that looks in the work place.